Some Truths About Nazis

I am writing this page against the backdrop of continuing and increasing Neo-Nazi activity within Germany and Europe. I am appalled and abhorred by the recent attacks on individuals conducted by Nazi gangs.

The overwhelming majority of people in this country are decent and peace-loving folks who completely share my disgust.

It is, however, a silent majority. This must change. We can no longer afford to let these rats dominate the news, spreading fear among minorities and damaging our international reputation which we have been trying so hard to improve . 

It's time for everyone to speak up and take a stand. 

Netz gegen Rechts -- eine Informationsinitiative der deutschen Medien. An Information Campaign of Germany's most influential media against rightwing extremism. Unfortunately no English pages yet. You could use Altavista's Translation engine though to get an idea.

Gesicht zeigen -- Show your Face!
Diese Initiative geht auf verschiedene Prominente zurück. Neben aktuellen Informationen und Argementen gegen rassistische Vorurteile sind  konkrete Aktionen des Vereins abrufbar. This campaign was started by several German celebrities in order to show commitment for a peaceful and open Germany.

Web gegen Rechts -- eine weitere Initiative gegen den Rechtsradikalismus, die von der Eisprinzessin Katarina Witt ins Leben gerufen wurde. Another web-based campaign against rightwing extremism started by famous ice-skating princess Katarina Witt. This one also has English pages. Read their manifesto -- I couldn't agree more.

Einige Wahrheiten über Nazis

Diese Seite entsteht vor der Hintergrund der andauernden und stärker werdeneden Aktivität von Neonazis  in Deutschland und Europa. Die jüngsten Attacken von Nazi-Banden auf andere Menschen empören mich und widern mich an.

Die allermeisten Menschen in diesem Land sind anständige und friedliebende Menschen, die von den rechtsradikalen Umtrieben genauso angeekelt werden wie ich.

Aber es ist eine schweigende Mehrheit. Das muss sich änderen. Wir können es uns nicht länger leisten, dass diese Ratten die Nachrichten dominieren, Angst unter den Minderheiten verbreiten und unseren Ruf im Ausland beschädigen, für dessen Verbesserung wir uns so eingesetzt haben.

Jeder muss jetzt aufstehen und eindeutig Stellung beziehen.

What is a Nazi? Was ist ein Nazis?
A Nazi  is someone who identifies him-/herself with the totalitarian doctrine of National Socialism, as it was being operated in Germany between 1933 and 1945. Nazis want a society in which a single leader, coming from a "master race", rules absolutely and oppresses all opposing points of view ("Fuehrer" principle) . Nazis view deliberate discrimination, pyhsical violence and brutality not only as legitimate means in fighting opponents and coming to power. Furthermore, Nazi ideology identifies these criminal activities as a kind of a natural law, a governing principle both within a Nation and in relationships between different Nations (so-called social darwinism). Nazis see Jewish people as their main enemy, as from a Nazi standpoint  Jews are a "particularly weak and  inferior race"  infesting and perverting all other races by tricking and bribing them out of their "noble struggle" (i.e. war) for racial supremacy.
Today's nazis chiefly attack ethnic minorities and immigrants for pretty much the same reasons.

It is important to note that the Nazi doctrine already in itself contains an incredible wealth of  logical faults and  terminological inconsistencies. Under closer  examination, it quickly turns out to be ridiculous nonsense:  hate-born prejudices mixed with pseudo-scientific truths camouflaging even more prejudices.

What makes this nonsense dangerous is the fact that it appeals to troubled characters with weak, insecure and inferiority-complex filled personalities. It tells these people that someone else is responsible for their misery ("the Jews", "the immigrants", "the niggers"....) and provides them with a simple, sufficiently convincing excuse to go out, team up with other "comrades" and act out  their formerly internalized aggressions. The social darwinism part comes in handy because it allows the Nazis, incredible cowards that they are, to pick out victims who are helpless enough to become  safe targets. This explains why Nazis nearly always carry out their attacks in groups and under heavy intoxication. It also explains why they direct their violence against Jewish  cemeteries (little risk to get caught), sleeping homeless (little risk for substantial resistance) and single, hopelessly outnumbered members of ethnic minorities (who are in an isolated sitution and often don't know how and where to get help).


to be continued soon...
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