Travelling and staying at hotels a lot, I am frequently disappointed by getting rooms which are not, or only partially, accessible. Therefore, I've decided to build an online collection of bathrooms and what I think of their accessibility. Look, read and evaluate for yourself whether your own access needs are met. 

If you have your own comment (maybe even a picture) of a place that was particularly good or bad, send it to me  and I'll post it here!



Bad Aibling, Bavaria

Ludwigsburg, near Stuttgart

Berlin (city centre --  Ku-Damm)

Langenselbold (near Frankfurt)

Much (near Cologne)



Kelberg (Eifel region, near Nuernburg F1 race track)


Great Britain

Broughton, Scotland (Glenholm Centre)

Dunoon, Scotland (Dhailling Lodge)

Edinburgh, Scotland  (Trefoil House, business closed since Feb. 2003)

Edinburgh (Ardgarth Guest House)

Edinburgh (Brae Lodge Guest House)

Edinburgh (Craigievar B&B)

Edinbane, Isle of Skye

Scotch Corner, North Yorkshire

Staoinebrig (Stoneybridge), Isle of South Uist (Crossroads B&B)



San Giuliano Terme (nr. Pisa)

Sterzing (South Tyrol, near Austrian border)





  • Skaerbaek, Jutland (near Rĝmĝ holiday island)

Czech Republic




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bathroom Hotel Sankt Georg, Bad Aibling, Bavaria
Hotel Sankt Georg, Bad Aibling, Bavaria, Germany

Date: 10 April 
Price: EUR 75,- ($ 70)

Wow! One of the very few bathrooms that's absolutely flawless accesswise (designwise -- it does look a bit like a hospital bathroom). Big enough to play soccer in.  Expensive furnishing with German brand name products. 100 % compliance with German industrial standards for barrier-free access. 

Comment: Perfect access, better (but also duller) than my own bathroom at home. 


bathroom hotel granduca, Italy
Hotel Granduca, San Giuliano Terme, Tuscany

Date: 11 April 2000 
Room Price: EUR 65,- (ca. $ 60)

Sorry, this is not an accessible bathroom. Obvious mistake: There's no roll-in shower. At least there was a sliding door and enough space inside the bathroom to move around with my manual wheelchair. Cheap materials (plastic handrails) and poorly working toilet  flushing (yuck). 

Comment: Acceptable for one night, if you can't find anything better in the area (I couldn't)

Rating: D -

bathroom Hotel Zoll, Sterzing, South Tyrol, Italy
Hotel Zoll, Sterzing, South Tyrol, Italy

Date: 26 April 2000 
Room Price: EUR 37,50 (ca. $ 35)

A great looking, superbly designed bathroom. I particularly like these two rectangular glass doors forming what appears to be a shower cabin, but opening wide enough to make the shower accessible. No shower seat (I used a standard plastic garden chair -- it was a bit narrow to make the transfer).  Accesswise, the lack of grab bars must be noted, especially around the toilet. Look at the fantastic room price, though! This included an excellent breakfast. South Tyrol -- Europe's value for money region. 

Comment: I want this one for my own apartment!

Rating: B 

nestor Hotel Ludwigsburg
Hotel Nestor, Ludwigsburg, Germany

Date: 1 June 2000
Room Price: EUR 85,- (ca. $ 80)

This disastrous bathroom is a fine example for how even many upper class hotels discriminate against their disabled guests by accommodating them with a largely unusable bathroom. What would able-bodied  guests say if they couldn't even use the washing basin (because of that stupid horizontal bar), yet had to pay full price? To be fair, this wasn't supposed to be a handicap room. The hotel had only one (out of 150) which already had been occupied by another wheelchair user. But a hotel equipping its bathrooms with expensive marble and such redundant features as TV-loudspeakers must also be able to offer more than one handicap room to its disabled clients.

Comment: All the marble doesn't help if disabled guests can't take a shower.

Rating: F

Mark Hotel Berlin
Berlin Mark Hotel, Berlin,

Date: 28 August 2000
room price: EUR 90,- (ca. $ 85,-)

This centrally located middle class hotel caters for its disabled clients with  fully accessible handicap rooms.  No access mistake was made. But the fan didn't work --  the likely cause for a rather unpleasant smell. Good overall service for a relatively reasonable price (Berlin!).

Comment: Stay at this hotel if you want both good access and a central location. 

Rating: B 

Holiday Inn Garden Court,
Langenselbold, Southern Hesse, Germany

Date: 17 November 2000
room price: EUR 50,- (ca. $ 47) (weekend rate)

Excellent bathroom! Finally a German hotel that really cares about disabled guests.  Look at the washing basin and compare to the one above at the Hotel Nestor. See the difference? The bathroom was so spacios that it even could afford a door opening to the inside. My new reference!

Comment: Too bad Langenselbold is such a dull town!

Rating: A +

North Sea Ferry Admiral of Scandinavia
Ferry "Admiral of Scandinavia"
(DFDS Seaways)

Date: May 31st and June 16th , 2001
Room Price: ca. EUR 170,- ($ 155) --  return ticket Hamburg-Harwich incl. 1 car

Ferry berths cannot be judged by hotel standards, I know. Nevertheless, even though this ferry company labels itself  "a better way of travelling", this vessel should be avoided by disabled travellers. It is the oldest ship of the fleet, and ferry travel sucks more and more, anyway. The crew consists of cheap workers from all kinds of countries, including Eastern Europeans who get drunk and screw around at night (the disabled cabin is in the staff area, that's how I found out). 
The berth itself has a stupid slope -- each time the ship tips, you get smashed against the door if you don't lock your wheelchair brakes. The bathroom is just large enough to get the front wheels inside and to transfer on the toilet  which doubles up as a shower seat. Wider wheelchairs and power wheelchairs -- forget it. 

Comment: A worse way of travelling.  Avoid this ship in particular 

Rating: D -


Trefoil House Edinburgh
IMPORTANT NOTE (April 2003): Unfortunately, Trefoil House has closed down its guesthouse business. It is no longe possible to stay there

Trefoil House, Edinburgh, UK

Date: June 1st 2001
Room Price: GBP 30,- (ca. $ 45)/person

Edinburgh is an expensive city, and this place is probably one of the best chances for reasonably priced and handicap accessible accommodation.  Trefoil House is a charity, and the estate's general state of repair suggests it is a somewhat underfunded one. My room, however, was quite nice and the bathroom was 100 % accessible. Average British B&B breakfast (either it tastes bad or its is unhealthful or both. If you like porridge: Lucky You! -- You're able to get something that's both nutritional and healthy)
The center has no problems accommodating larger groups with several disabled guests. Friendly staff -- the manager also serves as the living proof that Scots is indeed a language of its own! Locationwise a bit in the outskirts, but it doesn't take too long to get to the city center. Quiet, lovely setting.

Comment: Good value/money ratio

Rating: B


Shorefield House Edinbane Isle of Skye
Shorefield House
Edinbane, Isle of Skye, UK

Date: June 4th - 9th 2001
Room Price: GPB 25 (ca. $ 35) /person

Excellent, award-winning  B&B. Excellent room & bathroom. Excellent overall service. Looking forward to stay there again!

Comment: Highly recommended 

Rating: A

Travelodge Scotch Corner
Scotch  Corner Travelodge
Scotch Corner, North Yorkshire, UK

Date: June 16th 2001
Price: GBP 40,- /room (breakfast NOT included)

A typical motorway chain motel, conveniently located to make an overnight stay on your way to the Highlands. Not the place to spend your honeymoon at, but acceptable in the absence of better alternatives. The disabled bathroom had no wheel-in shower, but the bathtub was specially designed and fitted with solid grab rails. The space behind the bathtub was large enough to make a transfer on. From there it was really easy to get down into the tub using the handrail. 

Comment: Not the best value/money ratio, but acceptable

Rating: C

Activotel Much
Activotel Much, Much, Germany (near Cologne)

Date: August 7th - 11th 2001
Price: EUR 50,- ( ca. $ 47) (special package rate)

What is it with German hotels that they just won't care about  the demands of disabled guests? This is quite a nice activity hotel, but contrary to its self-evaluation not an accessible one. The bathroom was specially designed, but the management declined to put in a wheel-in shower, due to "plumbing difficulties" which -- they think -- make it impossible to offer accessible bathing/showering facilities. Bullshit.
I tried to put a garden chair into the shower cubicle, but it didn't really work as I had to bend my legs quite badly, getting bruises and scratches from the chair's sharp edges.

Comment: *Duh*

Rating: D 

bathroom self-catering cabin Skaerbaek Fritidscenter

Skaerbaek Fritidscenter, Skaerbaek, Denmark
Holiday Self-Catering  Cabin

Date: August 18th - 25th 2001
Price: EUR 450,- (ca. $ 400) / week

Modern, cozy self-catering houses belonging to an expanding fitness center. Not exactly situated in a scenic area, but close to the Danish holiday island of Rømø. Both the house and the center itself are wheelchair-accessible. The house is a bit small; people with larger wheelchairs will find it difficult to move around. If you have a wheelchair user in your party, make sure  to occupy the house with no more than 4 people.
Also suitable for disabled sports teams who could rent out more than 1 cabin. Gymn not suitable for basketball, though. Good swimming pool and bowling lanes providing a range of activity alternatives if the weather is too bad to enjoy Rømø's splendid North Sea beaches.

Comment: Ikke så dårlig!  (Jutish understatement)

Rating: B 

handicap bathroom at Hotel Wienecke Hotel Wienecke IX, Hannover, Germany

Date: 2nd December 2001
Price: € 50 ( ca. $ 45) -- special HRS Internet Rate

newly built Hotel close to the  Hannover fairground.  The bathroom is both stylish and excellently equipped. Very rarely have I seen a hotel room where such high regard has been paid to accessibility of details -- up to a lowered peekhole in the door so that wheelchair users can look through it. Look at the wardrobe -- isn't it neat? 

I hope this hotel stays in business -- I was almost the only customer.

Comment: Excellent room

Rating: A +




Ardgarth Guest House, Edinburgh, Scotland

Date: Hogmanay 2001/2002
Price: GBP 30,- (ca € 48) per person per room

Accessible guest house accommodation in Portobello, Edinburgh's seaside suburb. Distance to city centre, ca. 6 km, bus stop nearby (LRT line 26, nearly all buses we saw on this route had wheelchair lifts). Just a stone's throw from the beach.

The bathroom reminded me a bit of the one at my parents' house where my dad unsuccessfully tries to keep it in good DIY repair  with his two left hands.  Thinnest duck tape to fix a badly leaking shower hose... aaargh! It was accessible, though. Our ground floor room was large and had two big radiators, but they failed to make up for the poorly insulated windows. Take your Mount Everest expedition sleeping bag with you when staying during freezing temperatures... anything more chilly can't be possibly called a house!  Food quality above average. Proprietress friendly, but cunning.

Comment: In summer months a good compromise between comfort and price

Rating: B -




Hotel Ibis Friedensbrücke, Frankfurt, Germany

Date: February 2002
Price: € 75 (ca. USD 68,-)

At first sight, this handicap bathroom, especially the roll-in shower, looks very good. When I transferred over to the shower seat, however, I noticed a stupid mistake which made using the seat nearly impossible. The problem is the shower unit  -- it is placed waaaaay too close to the seat. When you sit on it, you really haven't got a chance to avoid touching the hot water supply. Very, very, uncomfortable. If you are staying at this hotel, avoid the shower seat by having the staff put a plastic chair into your bathroom.

As you can see in the right picture, there was a narrow gap beteween a wall and the bed. I barely fit through it and my chair is just 67 cm wide.

Comment: perfect only for people who like to burn themselves from hot water pipes

Rating: C -


Gran Dorado Heilbachsee, Kelberg, Germany
Self Catering holiday cabin

Date: March 2002
Price: € 240 (ca. USD 210) for 5 days (special winter rebate)

This self-catering cabin belongs to a holiday park in Germany's Eifel region, close to the famous Nürburgring racetrack. The cabin sleeps 6 people, but only one wheelchair user at a time, due to the fact that it only has one narrow downstairs bedroom. Accesswise, the bathroom was well furnished and equipped. I liked the shower seat very much, everything else was a bit on the cheap side. In its kitchen, the cabin has no baking oven as the holiday park wants you to spend more money in its restaurants. Wheelchair users considering to make a reservation should be aware that the area is very hilly, which has an annoying consequence for the main service building. It covers a steeply sloping area without having a lift, which means long and arduous detours for wheelchair users.

Comment: Bathroom okay, everything else a bit uncomfortable. Not my favorite place.

Rating: B - 


Note: The bath seat is my personal property and not a regular part of the bathroom's furnishing

Hotel Globus, Prague, Czech Republic


Date: May 2002
Price: CSK 2.800 (ca. € 88 / USD 80)  

My first trip to a formerly communist country ends with an optimistic outlook: Visiting Prague is possible also for wheelchair users. This hotel is situated in a suburb called Horni Roztyly. Large, accessible bathroom. The bathtub is quite high and deep, usable only for wheelchair users with good upper body strength.  

Comment: Okay

Rating: C-

 unfortunately no picture available -- sorry for this!

Sofitel Ghent
Ghent, Belgium

Date: December 2002

Price: € 110 (double room, weekend bargain rate)

Ghent is a wonderful Flemish city, and if you are looking for a luxurious hotel right at the heart of the old town, the Sofitel might be the right place for you. The luxury has its price, but at least you also get a perfectly accessible bathroom!  Hint: Only 300 metres away is an Ibis-hotel that reportedly also has wheelchair-accessible rooms. Both Sofitel and Ibis belong to one company, accor. Whereas Sofitel is the top brand, ibis hotels are for the economy tourist. However, my experiences with ibis hotels regarding accessibility are quite good.

I'll definitely stay there again -- if I can afford it! *sigh*


Rating: A


Brae Lodge Guesthouse
Edinburgh, Scotland

Date: April 2003
Price: GBP 70,-/Night (ca. € 105; 2 people sharing family room)

Nice STB *** guesthouse in South Edinburgh, on a major bus route into town. Good room, somewhat smallish bathroom. Uncomfortable shower seat, as so often the case. I was able to manage, but not really comfortably.  Not recommended for power wheelchair users due to lack of space. Friendly proprietress, I just hope her friendliness wasn't triggered by the hidden knowledge of having ripped off another dumb tourist... On the other hand, Edinburgh is just an expensive city to stay in, and apparently there are plenty of people who are stupid enough to pay these prices again and again.  Hey, I'm not stupid, I'm just addicted!

Comment: average comfort, high price
Rating: C



Hotel Ibis Mariahilf
Vienna, Austria

Date: June 2003
Price: € 78

Well, here we are again with another not-so good bathroom experience. Faulty design of the shower reduces  the rating for this otherwise quite acceptable hotel. Ridiculous shower seat. People with less severe disabilities might be able to negotiate, but I wasn't. On my complaint, the manager on duty failed to understand what I was talking about . Not a good sign for accessibility awareness.

Comment: Economical hotel close to one of Vienna's transport hubs, bathroom large enough, but shower annoyingly inaccessible

Rating: D





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