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viereck This is the community I was living in. It's a small rural village called "Harlev", 15 km away from the center of Aarhus. Even though I always had to drive into the city, I liked it very much there. It was quiet, and the air was crisp and fresh.

My car in front of the building in which my "student apartment" was located.

viereck Cranes in Aarhus harbor which I thought to look like gigantic insects

viereck Aaboboulevarden in the center of Aarhus. This is a first result of a remarkable city development project: They dug out a formerly subterranean river and created a promenade section which now has become a popular summertime meeting spot. Scandinavia in general is famous for outstanding city and landscape planning.

viereck Together with friends on the top of one of Denmarks highest mountains, the Himmelbjerget (160 m above sea level). The others are (from left to right): Martti from Estonia, Steve from Scotland, Tove from Finland, Nick from England. It was very interesting to witness a Scot and a Brit sitting next to each other in a car, constantly swearing at each other!

viereck Sonja and Karin from Germany, Gerlinde from Austria, lining up in front of the "forest-mill" restaurant, where they serve the best hot chocolate in the solar system

viereck Celebrating my 27th birthday at the "Gyngen" cafe with Karina (England) and Tove (Finland)

viereck with Nick and Gerlinde in the streets of Tonder, where we attended Tonder Folk Festival. I returned to that festival on my own one year later and saw my favorite band "Capercaillie" play live. On my way back, my car was searched by German customs. Borders suck. Can't wait to get rid of them. It was also the night Princess Diana died. Publicity sucks as well, one might add.

viereck A part of the University campus with the library tower on the left hand side


No matter which season of the year,
northern European light never loses its magic.

viereck Denmark Dreaming: Marselisborg Marina on a sunny winter's day viereck

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