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These Pictures were taken during the last week of May 1998, when my parents and I visited my American host parents who live in Buena Park, CA. The "excuse" to leave my lawbooks behind for a (much too short) week was a "triple bill" concert of Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison, and Bob Dylan in Anaheim, not too far away from where my host parents live -- Being a great fan of both Joni Mitchell's and Van Morrison's, I simply couldn't resist going! And I'm glad I did it.
My Mum, my host Mum Pat, and my Dad, standing in front of a fence belonging to the famous Griffith Park Observatory in Hollywood. Unfortunately, my snapshot camera failed to capture the breathtaking city lights of L.A. right behind their backs.

Go there yourself and take a look, if you don't believe me!

Observatory Web Page

Together with JMDL-Member Mariana at JM's Anaheim Concert Before the concert and also during the concert breaks, I was able to meet a number of my pen pals from the Joni Mitchell Discussion List (JMDL). Many of them had already partied for two consecutive days in celebration of the 2 previous L.A. shows.

In this picture, these great people are represented by me, of course, and Mariana, who happens to be not only one of our youngest list members, but also a very talented and (obviously) good-looking person.

View from Keys View (1581 m/ 5185 ft), one of the most famous vista points in Southern California. Keys View is located in Joshua Tree National Park. The view goes down into Coachella Valley, into the Palm Springs Area with Mt. San Jacinto in the background. The linear- shaped hills in the middle of the valley are actual surface traces of the San Andreas Fault.
Joshua Tree Here's a tough question for you;: What is the name of the plant featured in this picture?

(Clue: It's very abundant in "Joshua Tree National Park"!)

Palm Canyon Drive My Mum and myself, having a good time strolling along Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs
Pathway up to Keys View Climbing


Climbing the hill,

because my sugars are showing too much!!!

(pathway leading up from the parking lot to Keys View vista point)

(sorry, Joni)

Killer Whale at Sea World San Diego The killer whale show is one of the many highlights at Sea World of San Diego
SharkAttaq Who's watching who?!?
Flowers at the Getty Center Flowers in front of the research institute at the Getty Center, one of the most amazing architectural landmarks I have visited so far.

The museum opend in early 1998 and already has received countless praises. I think it's perfect. The setting. The buildings. The way the works are displayed. Just everything.

(More impressions from the Getty Center)

View from the Getty towards Downtown LA Wherever you look -- at the Getty Center you will always end up with a breathtaking view!

(view towards Beverly Hills, the Wilshire District and Downtown L.A. -- the Orange County mountains forming the hazy horizon)

Cactusroof My own little Getty art...
Picture Publisher Effefct This is originally a picture of a building at the Getty Center that was altered with the highly recommendable program Micrografx Picture Publisher. It's really amazing what you can do with a computer and a scanner these days!
Mission Bay in San Diego This is a very important picture because it proves I'm not the only one who ate a lot!

(Picnic in Mission Bay/ San Diego)

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