The Getty Center is a brand new building complex which is located in the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains and overlooks much of the Los Angeles metropolitain area including well-known communities such as Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and Santa Monica.
It is owned by the J. Paul Getty Trust, an institution which was founded as a legacy of oil magnate J. Paul Getty's fortune and which dedicates itself to the support and conservation of human art and cultural heritage around the world.

The campus of the Getty Center comprises six buildings, the largest one being the J. Paul Getty museum.

This view covers some portions of Westwood, Beverly Hills and West L.A. . Almost at the horizon, Downtown L.A. is visible. The San Gabriel mountains occupy a small part of the picture's left rim. When I took this shot, people were still skiing up there!

This is a very good example why I think Southern California is such a fascinating area.

One characteristic element that can be witnessed throughout the entire complex is tasteful repetition of elements and structures. Here the corners of the building and their geometric relationship are resembled by the sculptures in the central garden. Wonderful!

Map of the Getty Center(Scanned from the official brochure)


The Getty Center stays open until 9 P.M. , which allows people to enjoy incredible vistas of L.A. city lights.

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