Before my vacation would end with boarding  the  ferry back to Hamburg, there was one final  highlight yet to come. I had contacted my friend Keith, who lives in March, Cambridgeshire, very close to my travel route. A get-togethger quickly was agreed upon.

After arriving in the region and checking in at the hotel, I met with Keith in his hometown and we headed for the famous university town of Cambridge, where we had a wonderful time walking around town and talking about those "good old times" back in 1996, when we were exchange students at Aarhus University, Denmark . As you can see in the picture, it was a gorgeous early spring day -- people were running around in shorts and there were blooming trees and bushes everywhere, perfectly adding to the city's charm.

Cambridge wouldn't be Cambridge without its river Cam, which - together with its meadow parklands - provides  a wonderful backdrop and leisure area for the various colleges situated closely nearby. And, contrary to a popular myth, people don't row in Cambridge -- they punt! If they are foreign exchange students, they try to punt -- actually they try anything which offers some prospect not to fall into the water.

Other incidents worth mentioning include a stylish and authentic Italian restaurant and a beautiful young lady offering to teach me French but  refusing to come to Göttingen for the lessons...

Oh, I almost fogot... if you plan to visit Cambridgeshire, please avoid staying at the "Formule 1 Hotel" in Peterborough. As we all know, "Formule 1" cars break down quite often -- exactly like the bathroom water at this "hotel"!