Visiting IRELAND

that's me!
Moi, enjoying the view
over the Causeway Coast in Northern Ireland
The purpose of this site is to commemorate my trip to Ireland, Wales and England (03/19 -- 04/01/1999) and to pass on the information that I've come across. Being a wheelchair user myself, I know  how crucial accessibility  information is for disabled people, and I hope some of the stuff contained herein will be useful especially to the independently-travelling "rolli" (that's a German nickname for wheelchair users)

Please note that even though I believe myself to be a quick and thorough observer, I still am a tourist and not a local expert. Accordingly, what you will read and see here is little more than tourist information. Wherever I could, I've included links to local information sources so you can decide for yourself how much information you want. 

Feel free to email me, if you have any  comments or additions.

my travel route/general travel information
My Travel Route
(a bit chatty, but including general travel information and some not-so serious notes and recommendations)
IrelandN. Ireland
Ireland and Northern Ireland:
The Giant's Causeway
North West Ireland
Conway Castle, dominating the landscape around  the River Conwy estuary
North Wales

Connemara/Mayo Pictures
Access for the disabled:
Giant's Causeway
Galway (specific website)
North Wales
an afternoon in Cambridge

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