Trips & Travels
Denmark Pictures (1996-1997)

This page contains pictures taken during my one-semester stay at the law school of Aarhus University (Denmark) as an  exchange student. It is one of the very first pages I wrote, knowing absolutely nothing about how to make decent web pages. The page therefore has historic value for me now and I'm leaving it as faulty as it is.

A Week In Southern California (May 1998)

This trip came about due to a rather unusual occasion -- a rare "triple bill" concert of Van Morrison, Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan in Anaheim, California -- exactly where my American host parents live and where I was living for a year. Being a die-hard fan both of Joni Mitchell's and Van Morrison's I simply had to go! I was accompanied by my parents, who had a terrific first-time-ever to the States. 


"Way out West" -- Trip to Wales and Ireland (March/April 1999)

You don't always have to travel to exotic places in order to experience daring  adventures and satisfy your adrenaline addiction!  All it takes is the "drive on the wrong side of the road" rule in the UK and Ireland. Anyway, both my car and I safely made it back home, along with some unforgettable impressions and  lots of gorgeous pics. The pages are pretty much a  digital diary. I've also tried to include as much info on wheelchair acessibility as I could gather.  Enjoy and make use of!

Toscana and Lazio, Italy (Easter 2000)

Believe it or not, this was my first trip to Italy below the South Tyrolean province border!  Italy is known to be a difficult country for wheelchair users, but things have come along quite a bit recently. Visit my pages to read my impressions.

Northwest Highlands of Scotland (June 2001)

This is the online version of an article which I wrote for a German magazine.  While the article is in German, all the added information, e.g. links, are in English

Hotel Bathrooms

Having become fed up with inaccessible hotel rooms, I've decided to start a collection of what I'm coming across during my travels.